Post COVID-19 Recession Proof Bundle

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This bundle is a combination of 5 eBooks;

1. How To Sell Your Way Out Of Hard Times

Selling is not TALKING but ASKING the right PLANNED questions, then listening to elicit a buying desire.

Note here that the buying desire is elicited by your listening not by your talking. Learn the 8 secrets to selling successfully in a struggling economy, then start selling your way out of any situation with this ebook.

2. TIME NAVIGATOR GUIDE: Time Management Tactics For Busy Salespeople

Successful selling boils down to salespeople’s ability to manage time in order to exceed sales targets. A lot of salespeople work so hard combining office work and field sales activities, yet  with non-commensurate results. Are you experiencing this? This book will show you how to win even with a crazy work schedule.

3. We Are All Salespeople: How To Become One In 60 Minutes

Everyone’s a salesperson, we sell all the time. We sell 24 hours a day.
Selling in the simplest form is persuading others to see from our  perspective.

No one can live through life without persuading others because no one is
an island. We persuade employers to hire us; we persuade others to marry us; we persuade customers to buy from us.

People avoid selling because they don’t understand it. People criticize what they don’t understand.

The day you learn how to sell, you become self sufficient, if you lose your job or business you can make money the next day.

4. The Best Strategies For Closing Deals Consistently

An excellent salesperson will sell a mediocre product better, faster and more profitably than a mediocre salesperson will sell an excellent product. So it’s not about the product but about you.

Are you an excellent salesperson? Can you activate a buying desire in all your prospects and close deals consistently?

Excellent salespeople have the uncanny ability to activate a buying desire in the most difficult prospects and close deals consistently in any economy and at any time. The key determining factor of your success in sales isn’t how long you’ve been selling but the quality of your prospects and how quickly you can close deals by converting them to loyal clients.

In this eBook, I will share a simple strategy that consists of 10 easy steps to close deals every time you make a sales pitch.

5. Peak Performance Selling Workbook

This robust 62 page workbook walks you through every aspect of sales that will help you gain the mastery in communicating value persuasively, handling objections and  closing sales.

You will be taken through;

-The Psychology Of Selling

-7 Mindsets Of Selling

-Goal Setting Workshop

-Goal Execution Workshop

-The Business Of Selling

-Understanding Your Niche Market

-Understanding Your Product

-The Value Exercise

-Selling With Stories

-How To Build Products That Can’t Have Their Prices Negotiated

-Sales Muscles

-Sales Tools

-Mechanics Of Selling

-The Ultimate Selling Process

*This workbook is to be used with our ONLINE COURSES or any of the following AUDIO ALBUMS purchased from our store.

1. How To Sell When No One Wants To Buy

2. Secrets To Win Clients For More Money In A Recession

3. Selling Quickly When Clients Are Buying Slowly

4. The Sales Process To Unlimited Wealth



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