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What do you do when it feels like from month to month you’re making sales but at a very slow rate. Hence, targets are never met. This program will walk you through on areas you need to check for gaps and train you on the skills or knowledge required to close those gaps. This will launch you to quick wins and from the next month have you meeting your targets. This is a must-have for every salesperson and business person.

The resources in this program include;

Module 1- Destroying Self Doubt  

Module 1 will teach you the secrets to overcome self-doubt and sell to elite clients.

If you struggle to sell to elite clients, you are not alone because most salespeople started out this way. In fact, I was also like this when I started my sales career until I discovered the best way to kill self-doubt and I started selling to elite clients.

 Self doubt is a virus which if not dealt with can be present in a salesperson to hinder their sales dramatically. In this module, you will have access to the strategies I used to overcome self-doubt, increase my confidence and sell to elite clients.


Module 2- Making The Universe Sell For You

 This module contains some of the most guarded secrets in selling, in fact I won’t disclose it here.

 This particular selling secret took me more than 7 years of hard work to unearth.

 With just this module, you can always set and exceed ANY personal sales target.


Module 3- Using Urgency And Scarcity To Sell

What do you do when your prospects tell you they are not ready to buy?

You will learn how to use my strategies to cause your prospect to initiate the buying process in the shortest time without you being pushy.


Module 4- Discovering Your Unseen Value 

You will learn secrets you can use to sell the unseen value of your product from this module.

In my experience, most prospects already know the visible features of your product but what works best is selling the unseen value in your product.

This means you must be ready to sell the invisible features of your products.


Module 5- Creating A Selling System

This module contains the secret you will use to create a selling system.

 You will learn how to be intentional about your selling system, so new clients will come through the system and you will hardly waste time on prospecting.

 This is the module where I also give you the exact template of the selling system my 14,000 students use to meet their sales target(s) consistently.


Module 6- Influencing A Repeat Purchase

 One of the master secrets of top salespeople is to overtime do less prospecting and still sell to more people.

 What you will learn in this module is how I turn my first-time clients into repeat customers and retain them for future selling.

 You will experience the power of a repeat purchase when you begin to implement the strategies you will be exposed to in this audio program.


Module 7- Be A Doctor, Ask Questions 

In this module, you will learn the secrets to asking your prospects the right questions so you can make the prospecting period very straight to the point.

 You will also learn how to take your prospect through a mental journey that will help you quickly qualify your prospects and save you time.

 Also, in this module I will be sharing the exact types of questions you will ask a new prospect to immediately position you as an expert in your field.


 Module 8- The Power Of Stillness

This is my favourite part!!! This is the secret to sell anywhere and at any time because you will be able to use your inner environment to influence your external environment and then, the decision making of your client.

 All you have to do is to follow the strategies in this module and watch your sales soar.


The secrets contained in these 8 modules are for you to legally copy my strategies and use them as you wish.

I have also included 2 additional resources:

  • Selling Quickly When Clients Are Buying Slowly Workbook – 28 pages in full colour.
  • Selling Quickly When Clients Are Buying Slowly Transcript – 76 pages in full colour.


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