SALES PROSPECTING THAT WORKS (An audio collection on prospecting)

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1- The 14 Unbreakable Laws Of Successful Sales Prospecting

In this module, you will be exposed to powerful proven principles to sell yourself to unlimited wealth.

I love this module because the secrets shared here are so potent, they will change your sales forever.


2- Perfecting Your Sales Prospecting

Learn what you can do to become perfect at prospecting


3-Looking for NOs not YESes

In this module, you will be exposed to powerful secrets on how to use rejection to your advantage.

Imagine learning ways to use rejection as a tool for sales success. This, you will learn in this module.


4- 3 Things To Do When You’re New To Selling

This module contains secrets to apply immediately to boost your sales. Have you been pushing for clients for so long without actually making a headway? The secrets in this module will show you practical ways to kickstart your sales.


5- How To Get Your First Client

 This module contains powerful techniques to influence people and creating a buying desire.

You will learn techniques used by the most successful salespeople in the world to achieve sales success.

Rejection is a powerful hindrance to sales success. In this module, you will also learn the proven steps to handle rejections with ease.


6- Creating A Selling System

This module contains the secret you will use to create a selling system.

You will learn how to be intentional about your selling system, so new clients will come through the system and you will hardly waste time on prospecting.

 This is the module where I also give you the exact template of the selling system my 14,000 students use to meet their sales target(s) consistently.


7- Transcript – 66 Pages In Full Colour


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